Got Questions?

Will you tell anyone about my visit to your center?

All of the services of Helping Hand Pregnancy Center are completely confidential to the fullest extent of the law, even if you are under 18. This means we will not tell anyone (parents, friends, etc.) that you visited us and we won't call, mail, or e-mail you without your written permission. We are your first stop if you are facing a challenging pregnancy!

Am I actually pregnant?

The best way to know for sure if you may be pregnant is by coming into our center and requesting a pregnancy test. Helping Hand Pregnancy Center assists you with a free, self-administered, lab-quality pregnancy test and medically accurate information.Your visit here is kept strictly confidential. If your pregnancy test is positive we are here to help answer any questions you may have, and help you throughout you journey. 
We also have opportunities for STD testing and offer weekly visits to the Center for emotional support and to become confident in how to care for your baby and guidance as you build a stable family.

Is my home pregnancy test right?

There are many different kinds of home tests for pregnancy, and mistakes can be made if you do the test alone. Some tests may not be accurate for up to three weeks after conception, or five weeks after the first day of the last menstrual cycle. Helping Hand Pregnancy Center guides you through a self-administered, free, confidential, lab-quality pregnancy test and take plenty of time to give you medically accurate information and answers to all of your questions. By contacting Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we can help you learn more about pregnancy tests and talk calmly about your results and your concerns.

Is a baby not in your plans?

Statistics show many pregnancies are unplanned, but remember - many of life’s greatest blessings are unexpected. Another good thing is that no one can force you into a decision. At Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we believe you are never handed more than you can handle and we are here to help you every step of the way. Our peer-conselors know that the important decisions regarding accepting the pregnancy are yours to make - not ours. We want you to have accurate information and the whole truth, so that you can make an informed decision with a calm, clear mind. Stop in today and talk to one of our compassionate peer counselors about all of your pregnancy options.

Are you considering abortion?

Stop in today and talk to one of our compassionate peer counselors about abortion procedures and the risks of abortion. This operation is not your only option and no one can force you to have an abortion if you don’t want one. At Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we are here to listen to your concerns and to help you work through all of your challenges and weigh the options.
No one - not your parents, or the baby's father - can force you to have an abortion, this is illegal, and you have a right to refuse. We are ready and able to help you refuse to abort. Contact us, or visit the web site below for more information on your rights.

When does a pregnancy become a baby?

Conception occurs on the day a woman’s egg is fertilized by a man's sperm. Conception is where ALL of our lives began - we all started very small. This fertilized egg is a one-of-a-kind, never to be a duplicated person. Immediately after conception, growth begins at a rapid rate. Within a few days, the cluster of living cells leave the fallopian tube and moves into the uterus (womb) and continues quickly increasing in size and complexity. Soon the new life attaches to the mother, and the organs and features of the child grow and are identifiable. At Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we believe that life begins on the day of conception.

I feel like my world is ending …

Your world is not ending, it is only changing. These changes may be scary and seem unmanageable right now, but it is manageable, at Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we can help you work out anything you are worried about with your pregnancy. We offer and have access to many programs that make life much easier for you and for your baby.

Hooked up…. Now what?

Helping Hand Pregnancy Center provides free confidential lab quality pregnancy testing and medically accurate information. Whether your pregnancy test is negative or positive - we are here to help answer any other questions you may have. We can also offer STD / STI testing at a very low cost to you. Our peer counslers are easy to talk to and will listen to your concerns and explore your options.

Who can I talk to without judgement?

You can talk to us! Helping Hand Pregnancy Center works on a completly confidential level - what is said here, stays here. We empathize that sometimes you need a place to process this difficult situation, to think through all your options, and to feel safe to share what's on your mind, no matter where you are in your life. We have years of experience with challenging situations.

How do I tell my family?

At Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we understand that support is very important. We know that it may also be very hard or even seem impossible to tell your family about your pregnancy. Talking to one of our loving and understanding staff members can help. Helping Hand Pregnancy Center can help you decide what to say when you talk to your family. You may want to invite an understanding family member or friend with you to the Center. We understand and can help.

How can I afford a baby?

At Helping Hand pregnancy center we offer programs to help you earn things your baby will need. This helps you afford to care for your baby. If desired, you can come to a lesson to hear how others have managed money when they were in your shoes. HHPC has many connections in the community with people who care. We will help you get started in the right direction financially, have some ideas forpaying the bills that arise with your pregnancy and new baby. Contact us today for more information.
The peer counselors at Helping Hand Pregnancy Center understand you may have MANY more questions than just these, such as:
*How will my family react?
*How do I tell my partner?
*SHOULD I tell my partner?
*Can I handle it?
*What about school?
*Is everyone going to yell at me?
The peer counselors at Helping Hand Pregnancy Center can talk to you and help you work through your concerns. We can help you decide what options work best for you.