Think you may be Pregnant?

If you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant you have choices, our experienced staff is here to help guide you and help to decide what steps to take next. You can view more information below. Remember, talking to someone about your choices is always best; it will help you think through all of the options you have. Contact us today to talk to a compassionate peer counselor, in a confidential setting.


Deciding to carry your pregnancy until delivery and begin life as a parent can be a difficult, but rewarding and joyous decision. You may be wondering if labor will hurt, how you will afford a baby, or how you can finish school? These and many other questions are completely normal to be concerned about, but at Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we can help you work through your questions. We offer and can help get you set up with programs to help make parenting easier.


This option is difficult - but if keeping your baby is not an option for you, please consider giving life to a family that can not do this on their own. See links below for more information regarding adoption as a choice. Also, talking to a peer counselor at Helping Hand Pregnancy Center will help you consider this choice as well as others.


Abortion is an option, but before you make this drastic dissicion you need to know the risks of abortion and we are here to give you medically accurate information.

No one can force you to have an abortion, if you don’t want one. At Helping Hand Pregnancy Center we are here to listen to what is happening in your life and will help you make an informed choice that you won't reqret. If you are considering an abortion or if someone is trying to force you to have an abortion, please contact us. You may also visit the sites below for more information on abortion procedures and their risks.